Member Leadership

At Thresholds, mental health recovery and development of consumer leadership go hand in hand. Thresholds offers members and peer staff many opportunities to actively participate in important decision-making and service delivery roles. Even one of the Thresholds programs, the Peer Success program, is entirely staffed and run by consumers.

The All-Agency Members Council (AAMC) meets monthly and is made up of about 30 Thresholds members who are paid as member consultants. In this consultant role, members evaluate Thresholds services and policies. Member feedback is critical to improving the services that Thresholds offers. The AAMC offers members the opportunity to discuss consumer issues and ideas that are important to them. The AAMC often invites Thresholds staff or people from the community to present information and resources on topics of interest to members. AAMC representatives are responsible for bringing information from the meetings back to their programs and sharing it with other members.

Committee work is another valuable opportunity for consumers to provide leadership for the organization. At Thresholds, members are paid consultants on many Thresholds committees, including, Housing, Employment, Recovery, and Trauma, that are directly responsible for planning and developing services. Thresholds employs many people in recovery at all levels of the agency.

Finally, all Thresholds programs employ their own system for member input, leadership, and feedback.