Donor Spotlight – Leo S. Guthman Fund

Donor Spotlight – Leo S. Guthman Fund

Leo S. Guthman Foundation This month, Thresholds proudly features the Leo S. Guthman Fund in our Donor Spotlight. The Leo S. Guthman Fund is committed to improving people’s lives and strengthening communities.
By supporting programs and organizations that empower vulnerable people, improve health, and encourage youth leadership, the Leo S. Guthman Fund helps individuals rise above the challenges they face. Since 2003, the Fund has provided funding to more than 300 organizations, impacting the lives of thousands of people.

One of the programs that the Leo S. Guthman Fund has generously supported is the Thresholds Women Veterans Health Initiative (WVHI). Women veterans are the fastest growing subgroup of veterans and, consequently, the fastest growing segment of veterans facing hardships like PTSD, homelessness, and substance abuse. In 2013, Thresholds launched the Women Veterans Health Initiative (WVHI), as part of our Veterans Project, to meet the unique needs of female service members. Now entering its fourth year, the WVHI delivers a range of services including therapies and peer supports from female staff, many of whom are past or current service members. The WVHI works in tandem with the Veterans Project to provide women veterans with mental illness the full range of housing, health, and support services that are vital to recovery from mental illness.

Thresholds is grateful to the Leo S. Guthman Fund for its generous support of the Women Veterans Health Initiative. Thank you for believing in our work and for believing in the brave women we serve. We could not do this without you!

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