Donor Spotlight: Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Robert R. McCormick Foundation

For the March edition of Donor Spotlight, we are featuring the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, one of the nation’s largest foundations and key partner in establishing Thresholds’ Veterans Project.

McCormick Foundation

The McCormick Foundation is a national charitable trust whose philanthropic mission is fostering communities of educated, informed, and engaged citizens. Through philanthropic grant-making and Cantigny Park, the Foundation works to make life better in Chicagoland. The McCormick Foundation, among the nation’s largest foundations with more than $1.5 billion in assets, was established in 1955 upon the death of Col. Robert R. McCormick, the longtime editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The McCormick Foundation’s Veterans Program continues the legacy of its benefactor, Col. Robert R. McCormick –a citizen soldier who cared deeply for veterans and their families—by helping returning veterans lead successful lives in Illinois through nationally-recognized best practices.

No single funder has made a greater impact on the Veterans Project than the McCormick Foundation. In 2010, at a time when funders did not associate Thresholds with the veteran community, the McCormick Foundation provided the seed funding to launch our Veterans Project, thus legitimizing the program in the minds of funders who did not associate Thresholds with serving a veteran population. We remain indebted to the Foundation for creating a trailer for other funders, particularly institutional donors, to follow. The McCormick Foundation has also sponsored several Thresholds events, with total giving to the agency reaching over $1 million since 2006. We deeply appreciate the McCormick Foundation’s commitment to supporting Thresholds members on their path towards recovery and self-sufficiency.

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