Thresholds Golf and Tennis Benefit 2013

Golf and Tennis 2013

We all had such a great time at this year’s Golf and Tennis Benefit. On a beautiful day at the stunning Northmoor Country Club, we were able to raise more than $500,000 to support Thresholds’ mission, including a generous match for the Veterans Project in our fund-a-need auction. Your generosity is overwhelming – thank you so much!

If you missed the event, you can still watch the video we played featuring member stories of home, health, and hope, and read CEO Mark Ishaug’s event remarks below. Make sure to keep your eyes open for more news about our brand-new gala event, coming in Spring 2014!

Speech at Golf and Tennis Benefit – CEO Mark Ishaug

Good Evening, everyone. I am Mark Ishaug, CEO of Thresholds, and I want to welcome you to this amazing event in this glorious space. Thank you, Ron Grais, for hosting us here at Northmoor Country Club for more than two decades.

Please give another round of applause to the dynamic duo of Roxanne Martino and Mary Jo Herseth, tonight’s event co-chairs. I always say I am the luckiest CEO in Chicago, and how can I not be with board members, champions, fundraisers, and friend- raisers like Roxanne and Mary Jo and the fabulous G&T committee who worked so hard to make this day, and every day, such a huge success. You so rock!

I don’t know how to follow up the stories in that amazing video we just watched. I think the best way, the only way, is to ask our stars to stand up for a standing ovation. Celesta, Dennis and Carol. I’d also like to recognize our member artists here tonight, Kenny, Krishaun, Dan, and Robert. You are Thresholds. You are the reason we are here tonight. You and thousands of other courageous men and women in recovery are why my colleagues and I get up every day and work so hard and so smart, why board members volunteer their time and talent and money, and why none of us will rest until everyone with mental illness in Illinois has a place to call home, health for the body and soul, and most importantly, hope. This is Thresholds. Home. Health. Hope. And we are here for you!

What a year it has been since our last Golf and Tennis Benefit.

Thanks to all of you in this room and thousands more:

  • We helped almost 200 people like Carol move out of nursing homes and institutions of mental disease into their own beautiful apartments in the neighborhood of their choice.
  • We launched a new housing program for homeless teens with serious mental illnesses.
  • We created an innovative pilot program with Illinicare, a managed care organization, that has expanded and enhanced services in the suburbs for the most vulnerable and hard to reach clients, and actually covers our costs.
  • We helped scores of people find and maintain jobs at a number of companies across the region, and we won a national award for the best supported employment program in the country.
  • We led the successful fight to restore $12 million in state funding for community mental health services, and just last month secured an additional $11 million for crisis and transitional housing services in communities throughout the state.
  • We designed a stunning new website, so that more people can learn about Thresholds, more easily access services, and more quickly and easily donate.
  • And just this morning, we launched our brand-new electronic health records system, which will help us improve client services, data collection and analysis, and help us prepare for a future in coordinated care.

While it is exciting to recount our many successes of the past year, it is even more thrilling to talk about what we will do!

  • We will open up the stunning new Fred and Pamela Buffett Place in December, a 50 unit building in Lakeview complete with a roof top garden, an art gallery, UrbanMeadows, and I am hoping against hope, a yoga studio!
  • We will create Illinois’ first community support team tailored for the special needs of transitioning youth and young adults.
  • We will launch an innovative community-based program specifically designed for women veterans to address post-traumatic stress disorder, homelessness, and military sexual trauma.
  • We will enroll scores if not hundreds of members into Illinois’s first Care Coordination Entity, owned and operated by Heartland Health Outreach, Thresholds, and 33 other nonprofit community organizations, including our partners and friends from Trilogy, C4, and New Foundation, to name just a few.
  • We will expand and deepen our partnerships with federally qualified health centers, including the UIC College of Nursing, PCC Wellness, Aunt Martha’s, and Erie Family Health, so that our members get the highest quality primary care possible.
  • We will help another 200 people transition safely and successfully from nursing homes to the community.
  • And we will fight like heck to make sure the city, county, state and federal governments provide what our members need and deserve: quality healthcare, supported housing, meaningful employment, and a life free from discrimination and stigma. Home, Health, and Hope.

Thank you friends and guests, the best staff in the world, the most dedicated board members imaginable, donors generous beyond words, partner CEOs who inspire and motivate, and most importantly our members. Carol, Dennis, Celesta, Kenny, Krishaun, Rob, Dan. You carry me. You carry us all.

We carry each other.

That’s Thresholds! Together we ROCK!

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