Art Therapy Intern (Multiple Locations)
Art Therapy Interns have the opportunity to explore the creative arts in an outreach/community based model as well as in some residential settings. This means working in a variety of settings (agency owned group spaces, client homes, & in the community). Interns will have the opportunity to work in an individual and group context with clients who have a wide range of abilities and diagnoses. The emphasis of this internship is on trust-building with clients and art therapy exploration, there is also a great deal of focus on assisting clients to build coping skills and pursue his/her definition of recovery.  The Art Therapy intern will communicate with the clinical team for continuity of care.
No Current Opportunities

Clinical Internships (Multiple Locations)Internships
Thresholds offers a range of internship opportunities for students pursuing a degree in Social Work, Clinical, or Counseling Psychology programs, particularly at the graduate level. Our programs provide opportunities for students to gain experience in case management, therapy, outreach work, group psychotherapy, residential treatment, supported employment, and substance abuse. Each student is provided with individual clinical supervision and group supervision with their team. Students in the clinical internship program are also encouraged to attend trainings offered at Thresholds that focus on the implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in the field to provide the best possible support services for our members. The combination of supervision, training, and the holistic service model used at Thresholds provides a unique training experience for students working toward a clinical degree.
No Current Opportunities

Administrative Internships (Multiple Locations)
Internship opportunities are frequently available in our Administrative Departments, including: External Affairs and Development, Public Relations and Marketing, Quality and Evaluation, Information Services, Finance, and Research.
No Current Opportunities

For more information, please contact our internship hiring coordinator, Carla Washington at

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