Donor Spotlight – McHenry County Community Foundation

Donor Spotlight – McHenry County Community Foundation

McHenry County Community FoundationThis month, Thresholds proudly features the McHenry County Community Foundation.

The McHenry County Community Foundation is a trusted community leader that works hard to build a better world in McHenry County. They provides individuals with innovative ways to use their charitable dollars for the good of the community, directing all unrestricted dollars toward local unmet needs.

The McHenry County Community Foundation is an important partner to Thresholds, most recently supporting the agency’s Homeless Outreach Program. This initiative connects individuals experiencing homelessness and mental illness to stable housing and the additional support services needed for a successful recovery.  The program places particular focus on individuals in McHenry who, because of their mental illness, have been unable to benefit from existing services. Through focused community outreach and partnerships with other service providers in the area, Thresholds identifies and supports  individuals experiencing homelessness and mental illnesses, giving them a chance to reclaim their lives and reach their full potential.

Thresholds thanks the McHenry County Community Foundation for its support.  We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in serving the residents of McHenry County.

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