Integrated Primary and Mental Healthcare

On average, persons with serious mental illnesses live 25-30 years less than the rest of the population. Much of this is due to a host of secondary health issues and multiple diagnoses that they face, some related to their medication and lifestyle. They are also 2.5 times as likely to be hospitalized and 1.7 times as likely to utilize emergency rooms.

Persons with serious mental illnesses have the highest Medicaid costs of any group. Much of this is because they are a historically under-served population that has not been engaged in a system of healthcare. Other factors contributing to these high costs are side effects from medications, lack of care coordination, and social determinants such as poverty, homelessness, and environment.

Thresholds offers services designed to integrate mental health, substance use, and primary care treatment to support persons with severe mental illnesses. This is done by providing a person-centered, holistic approach to recovery, in combination with partnerships with like-minded Federally Qualified Health Centers. These partners have co-located their clinics into three Thresholds programs.

With 75 outreach teams working closely with our Federally Qualified Health Centers to coordinate care, assist clients engage in their care, provide education on wellness strategies, and advocate for their health care needs, Thresholds strives to improve health outcomes and encourage recoveryCoordinated care cuts Medicaid costs by reducing unnecessary and costly hospitalizations and incentivizing health outcomes, instead of volume of services provided.

Our Healthcare Partners:

Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness – Thresholds South Suburbs in Blue Island 
Aunt Martha’s strives to help create a world in which loneliness, sickness, and despair are replaced with wholeness, healing, and hope. With such a like-minded mission, Thresholds South Suburbs is excited to partner with Aunt Martha’s. Thresholds members who live in the southernmost part of Chicago and the south suburbs will now have the opportunity to fulfill both their primary and mental health needs in a single location.

Heartland Health Center at the Schwartz Center for Integrated Care – 4423 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Thresholds and Heartland Health Center (HHC) have a long history of serving persons with severe mental illnesses in a non-integrated manner, with members receiving mental health services from Thresholds and primary care through HHC. In an effort to better serve these individuals, Thresholds and HHC look forward to partnering to form a truly integrated center where all services will be provided in a highly integrated manner..

HHC has a proven passion to provide total health care for persons with serious mental illnesses, and were awarded the prestigious Reintegration Award for Clinical Medicine from the National Council for Behavioral Health in 2012.

Howard Brown Health at ThresholdsThresholds South at 734 West 47th

Thresholds and Howard Brown Health (HBH) entered a partnership in October 2016 and Thresholds members received primary and psychiatry care from HBH Englewood.

We are excited to announce that HBH and Thresholds opened an integrated clinic at Thresholds South at 734 West 47th Street in October 2017.

Genoa Pharmacy has partnered with Thresholds and HHC at the Schwartz Center and offers an onsite pharmacy that specializes in the complex medication needs of persons served by the Schwartz Center.Thresholds is also proud to partner with PCC Community Wellness Center. Thresholds members whom live on the west side and the near west suburbs of Chicago enjoy a preferred status relationship with PCC.