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First Episode Psychosis Resources

MindStrong is an evidence-based Coordinated Specialty Care approach. MindStrong’s design is based on the following Coordinated Specialty Care programs:

NAVIGATE & OnTrackNY: Developed in the National Institute of Mental Health RAISE initiative

PIER: Widely adopted & evaluated in the Robert Wood Johnson EDIPP initiative

PREP: California’s successful adaptation of PIER

EASA: Recognized as an innovative leader in practice & system change in Oregon

Thresholds was selected to participate in the following national learning communities:

National Council for Behavioral Health Early Onset Schizophrenia Community of Practice in 2014

NTTAC Early Psychosis Learning Collaborative in 2016

Additional Resources to learn more about Early Intervention:

NASMPHD Early Intervention in Psychosis Virtual Resource Center

Orygen & Headspace: Australia’s early intervention efforts

Connecticut’s STEP program

P4SM Partners For Strong Minds: Demystifying psychosis

PEPPNet: National Steering Committee and Listserv for resources

Looking for services? Don’t wait. The earlier people experiencing psychosis get help, the better the outcomes. Contact us at (773) 432-6555 or for more information. 

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