Supported Education

Clients looking to pursue educational opportunities work with their case management team to assess his/her education background. Thresholds begins with the Wide Range Achievement Test  (WRAT) and then helps the client explore their education options, including linkages to appropriate programs, such as Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs, General Educational Development (GED) offered at the Thresholds Dincin Center, community colleges, or other post-secondary institutions. For those going on to college or post-secondary institutions, the case manager will facilitate campus tours, assist with financial aid applications or registering for courses, and connect each member to the respective office for students with disabilities. Clients will be offered individual and group support as they pursue their educational objectives. Where feasible, study groups may be formed, counseling about school related issues will be offered and, if necessary, Thresholds will educate the schools on ADA methods to employ when educating people with severe and persistent mental illness.