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Youth & Young Adult Services

Thresholds Youth & Young Adult Services offer groundbreaking programs for adolescents, young adults, families, young mothers, and their children. These programs give young people the skills and supports they need to master mental health challenges while reducing the negative impact of those challenges on relationships, health, education, and career development. Specializing in the transition to adulthood, Thresholds Youth & Young Adult Services are geared toward providing young people experiential learning within their communities to maximize their likelihood of success as they develop.

Each program provides a unique array of services, but are all guided by the latest Evidence-Informed Practices and common elements driving our innovative approach to supporting youth & young adults with mental health needs

By utilizing the Transition to Independence Process (TIP) model as our  foundational approach, the Youth & Young Adult Services focus heavily on creative engagement strategies, enhancing competencies, facilitating self-discovery, and utilizing a team approach driven by the young person’s preferences for goal planning. Learn more about TIP at and check out our studies, publications, and presentations.

A widely-used Evidence-Based Practice for adults, Thresholds continues to adapt the Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) model of Supported Employment to specifically fit for youth and young adults. Supported Employment and Supported Education are integrated parts of all Youth & Young Adult treatment teams, and truly enacts the belief that anyone can work or go to school with the right supports. Learn more about our Supported Employment model, and the consultation we provide others across the country.

From our School-based to our Community-based and Residential services, we are regularly studying our models to provide the highest quality programming and interventions for young people. To learn more about our training, publications, and research, view our studies, publications, and presentations.

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