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The transition to adulthood is a challenging time for any young person, but especially so for those with serious mental health needs. Emerging adults benefit from specialized support from people who truly understand this transitional phase as they navigate new challenges and responsibilities. With this in mind, Emerge was designed as a multidisciplinary team-based program serving young people ages 18-26 in the Chicago metropolitan community. Emerge specializes in providing services in a young adult’s natural environment, which could be their home or a convenient community locale.

Rooted in the evidence-informed Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Model, Emerge staff are highly skilled in engaging and partnering with young people to support their progress on personal mental health, vocational, relational, and independent living goals. A primary focus of Emerge is to increase the natural social support and relational health among young people and their identified family members, friends, romantic partners, and other supportive individuals. To do this, Emerge offers family and individual therapy, and uses creative youth-directed strategies to bring young people together regularly for educational, vocational, social, and cultural events. Importantly, these activities not only foster social skills and social connections, but also lead to increased exposure to the arts, cultural awareness, and opportunities for career exploration.

Thresholds has 2 Emerge teams: (1) Emerge-Chicago provides services to young adults on Chicago’s North side and (2) Emerge-West provides services in Eastern DuPage County/Western Cook County. Both teams provide multiple in-home/in-community therapeutic approaches, skills coaching, peer support, care coordination, IPS supported employment, supported education, young-adult focused psychiatry and medication monitoring, mentoring, financial assistance, and individualized goal development and appraisal.

To learn more or to make a referral, please contact us at (773) 432-6555 or

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