Anais’s Story

I came into DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) when I was 10. I originally was with a few other agencies. Then I got pregnant with my first son at 16; that’s when I first came to Thresholds. I wanted to get on my own and raise my child.

The first year and a half of being at the Mothers Project, I didn’t even use the services, I just came to the program to get my check and bus card. I thought I didn’t need anything. I was stubborn.

But eventually, I thought — maybe they can be a resource. My therapist was very persistent. She tried to check in with me; even for just 10-15 minutes to talk. I never cared for therapists before, I did two years of therapy when I was younger and just hated it. Here, it was different. She was a cool lady. We could just talk, I loved her. She was always so nice. You could tell she loved doing her job. She helped by just being with the kids. That’s what I really liked. She was so down to earth. I always would go to her office, always look for her. She would be like “what’s up, what are you doing?”

I was at the Thresholds Mothers Project from 16 to 21 – a long time! I’ve learned to be independent and to realize I’m not going to be here forever. To any girl thinking of coming here, even though they’re stubborn, I would tell them, use the therapists while you are here. People are definitely here to help, not to tell you what to do, how to raise your child. They do it because they care.

I was living in the community at 20 with an apartment of my own. Other places I stayed – it was just, like, one room. I’m all about my privacy, I love my apartment, and I live there with my two children, they’re 5 and 2. It’s good, I love it. Two boys. They are both still in daycare at the Thresholds Mother’s Project.

I am trained as a medical assistant and medical record technician. I want to get back into that career. I handle all the records at a nursing home, or hospital. I worked at a nursing home for over a year. I did a special training, got a certificate. I eventually want to be a nurse; I will need my GED. I can get it.

Thresholds is a helpful agency. People should definitely use the resources that are here.

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