Elecia’s Story

I first got sick in 1993. I was hearing voices. My children were young. The voices were a female and a male, and the male was aggressive. I was living with my sister, but no one was with my kids during the day. I tried to drown out the voices by turning up the TV or the radio. It kept getting worse.

Then my brother found Thresholds for me.

I love the program. It is very interesting to me. I got better by seeing a doctor, I found medication, the medicine was working. Nobody could tell if I was sick or not from the outside after I started my medication. Even before, sometimes people can’t tell looking at you that you’re sick.

I have a lot of good friends here, the members are great. My case worker, I love her dearly. I can talk to her about anything or any problems I have. The groups help me a lot. I have anger management group and that has helped a lot.

Thresholds helped me find an apartment. I didn’t want to be in a group home, I wanted to live individually. My case managers come out and meet with me there. The employment specialist helps you a lot, helps you find a job.

Thresholds helps you set goals for yourself, they don’t set them for you. My goal was an apartment, now I have that. My new goals are to go back to school, find another job.

Thresholds has done wonders for me. The case workers are really good. The doctors are right here, you don’t have to go out. They helped me with my diabetes.

My diagnoses are schizophrenia and depression. My symptoms are under control now. Thresholds gives me what I need to stay healthy.

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