Robert’s Story

In 2000, I was in the streets, on drugs, doing crazy things that I wouldn’t normally do if I had a sound mind. I wasn’t myself. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder), then later schizophrenia. I was united with Thresholds when I was diagnosed.

I had just gotten out of Mercy Hospital. I was hearing voices, and I wasn’t taking the right medication. I started to see my psychiatrist and she found new medications that helped. The first thing was they asked me to set a goal plan. My first goal was to get my own apartment. It took me a year. Now I live on the East Side of Chicago. Thresholds helped me to get into that apartment and I pay my own rent. I love it there.

I was tired of living with other people. I wanted to be independent. The group classes at Thresholds helped me to be independent. Now I manage my own affairs.

My next goal is to be able to go back to school. I was a nurse for 17 years. I would like to go back to be able to help people as a nurse.

I’m back on the track. It’s been up and down. I like things to move real fast, but recovery is a process, and sometimes it’s slow. Thresholds has helped me to be patient and work towards my goal. They have excellent therapy and treatments. I recommend them to anyone, it’s a great program here and it does work.

Thresholds taught me how to get what I need, and to do the things that I need to do to live in the outside world.

Thresholds has done so much for me. They gave me back my identity, who I am, and what I represent.

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