Your Dollars at Work

Thresholds’ foremost goal is to ensure that our members receive the support they need to live independent and fulfilling lives. Meeting this goal is not without challenges. Every individual we serve has a severe mental illness; many are experiencing homelessness when they arrive, often with co-occurring substance abuse; nearly all live well below the poverty line.

As such, a wide variety of services are required, from access to medical care and psychiatric treatment to job training and educational opportunities. Our members also need a safe and stable place to live, ranging from transitional housing or group living to a place of their very own.

A donation of any amount is appreciated and will be used to support our members’ recoveries. Here are some examples of how we put your dollars to work:

$25 – Pays for warm clothing and a hot meal for an individual experiencing homelessness

$50 – Provides a CTA pass for a young mother to get to school

$100 – Buys a uniform or new clothes for a young adult interviewing for his first job

$250 – Purchases basic living items for a member moving into a place of her own

$500 – Funds psychiatry and primary care services

$1,000 – Underwrites Thresholds’ Mobile Assessment Units throughout Chicago

$2,500 – Secures safe and stable housing for families transitioning out of homelessness

$5,000 – Supports trauma therapies and comprehensive services for returning veterans

$10,000 – Enables Thresholds to expand work into new communities