This Memorial Day, We Salute Veterans’ Sacrifices

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This Memorial Day, we salute all of the veterans who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives for a greater purpose. The women and men who serve are all heroes.

Heroes like Vance.

Vance - Thresholds Member and Veteran

A veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve, Vance enjoyed serving his country. After sustaining a disabling injury in his community, he found himself in and out of housing. He finally ended up in a nursing home starting in 2008, struggling with both mental and physical illnesses.

Then Vance was connected with the Thresholds Veterans Project in December 2014. He worked closely with the treatment team, first addressing his mental illness so he would be healthy enough to then tackle his physical challenges more effectively. He was eventually able to leave the nursing home and find and keep his own apartment in the community. Vince is now actively engaged with the Thresholds veterans community and says that it helps keep him grounded and well-connected.

Like so many veterans, Vance has set goals for himself and reached them with the right supports. He was recently fitted for a new motorized wheelchair, which will alleviate many of his physical health challenges, and he is looking forward to starting his search for work.

It is people like Vance that remind us of the sacrifices veterans make for the well-being of others every single day. Please join us today in remembering the veterans who have made the greatest sacrifice. They’ve given so much, and they deserve our support.

Learn more about the Thresholds Veterans Project and watch a video about how we support women veterans. Consider a gift to support our heroes and help them get the care they deserve. 


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