Yusuf’s Story

Yusuf’s Story

Before finding Thresholds, Yusuf struggled with an untreated mental illness and substance use disorders that left him living on the streets and eventually institutionalized. “I didn’t know how much it affected me because I didn’t know the difference,” Yusuf said, “I was out of touch with reality.” In 2009, Yusuf was transferred to a Thresholds ACT team, a service that provides intensive support to ensure clients are able to take the first steps toward recovery.

Photo of Thresholds member Yusef and his cat

For Yusuf, having a safe and stable place to live was the key to his recovery. After he began receiving Thresholds’  services, he was able to secure housing and, with hard work and dedication, reclaim his life. “Now I have something to lose and if I mess up now, I won’t live long enough to turn it back around.”

Today, Yusuf is a proud mental health advocate and self-proclaimed stay-at-home cat dad. He spends his time reading and providing support to other Thresholds clients. “That’s how someone reached me, with their story,” Yusuf said, “I feel I can share my story to help others.”

Yusuf has used Thresholds’ services to create a fulfilling life that he’s proud of and completed his home with the addition of his cat, Patti, who has also become part of his support system. “Having my pet has really helped me in my recovery. It has helped me to care and love other life,” he said, “I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

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