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Take Action to Improve Mental Health Access

Today is a statewide day of action and we need your help to grow access to mental health services! Thousands of Illinoisans living with mental health conditions are unable to get the care they need to live well and thrive. The lack of access is tied to inadequate reimbursement rates for services. Current rates fail […]

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Mental Health Month – Remere’s Story

(Taken from an interview with Remere, a Thresholds client, by a member of the Thresholds Peer Success Team.) “Basically I was always moving. I never stayed homeless in one spot. I was just trying to find someplace safe to sleep and lay down.” Until he was nineteen, Remere spent his time traveling through various neighborhoods […]

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Mental Health Month – David’s Story

As I prepare to leave Thresholds after 24 years, I feel a great sense of gratitude for the Thresholds community. Through our work, we have built something amazing that benefits not only the Thresholds clients who use our services, but the community as a whole. I have been supported, challenged, pressed to the limit and […]

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