“Why I Give” from Jeremiah Boyd

Jeremiah Boyd is a long-time supporter of Thresholds. He is a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the US Navy.

One of my family members struggled with the challenges of mental illness for years – improper medications, lack of professional help, and more. Finally, by good fortune, she was introduced to Thresholds.

Thresholds set her up with professionals genuinely dedicated to helping others, not only informing her of the benefits and programs available to her, but actively helping her navigate the confusing, complicated systems of care. Watching her recovery was nothing short of remarkable. It would not have been possible without the time, effort, sincerity, and commitment Thresholds put into her treatment.

Thresholds and its staff were instrumental in providing her with a sense of confident independence and stability in many aspects of her life. In my exposure to different mental health providers, agencies, and programs, none of them compare to what Thresholds continually proves itself to be – effective.

As a donor, I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of speaking with a few staff at Thresholds. They reached out to me and expressed interest in just getting to know who I am. I was blown away by the sincerity in this gesture, as it did not come with additional solicitations or hidden agendas. They only wanted to thank me and hear my story.

Further, they offered to explain more about what they do, who they help, and the ways they’re looking to grow . This had a huge impact on my perspective and really reaffirmed and emboldened my desire to contribute to their mission. They topped their previous gesture by inviting me to one of their facilities for a tour and to see exactly where they’re using my contributions. This impressed me more than anything, because when it comes to financially contributing to charitable causes it is wonderful to see your money in action.

Thresholds puts their words into action and makes their actions have lasting impact. This organization has shown me, and I’m sure many others, that they consistently are devoted to their mission and helping those who need it most. This is why I give (and will continue to give) to Thresholds.

Want to add your own support, or increase your existing donation? Go to thresholds.org/donate.

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