Creative Arts Therapy 

We are passionate expressive arts therapists utilizing strengths based and trauma informed clinical frameworks to promote individual and community healing. Through evidenced-based practices that foster self-expression, we work to build safe spaces for exploration and growth. Our clients are visual artists, musicians, performers, writers, and others interested in gaining insight into themselves and their worlds through developing and sharing their own creative languages.

For more information contact our Service Center at 773.572.5500.



Open Studios offer unstructured independent time for clients to bring in their own art practice. Open Studios are offered throughout the city and provide clients with an opportunity to engage in an experience that may not be otherwise available to them. Our clients are given opportunities to further explore their own artistic identity, to work on their pieces for future art shows, to create a community of fellow artists, and to engage with their staff in a genuine way.

Workshops bring various art topics and techniques to clients who may not have exposure to a specific artistic medium. These opportunities provide clients a starting point for their personal exploration. We seek to support them through understanding of the many ways and mediums in which they can express themselves. The underlying mission of these workshops is helping our clients discover their own creative language and build confidence for creative self-expression. They also give clients tools for reinforcing wellness on their own time.

Therapy Groups are focused groups that incorporate specific art directives and topics. These are structured gatherings for clients to build their network of peers, and share more personal experiences in a safe environment.

Art Shows are opportunities for our clients to engage actively in their community, showing off their pieces, curated by our Creative Arts Therapy team. Clients choose if they want to offer the art for sale, with all proceeds going directly back to the artist. Many of our clients are professional artists, already working in the community and eager to show off their accomplishments. For others, it is important because they are exploring their professional identities and are able to make a little extra money to support their lives. These shows offer them an opportunity to express their voice and their identity.

Collaborations with the Community allow us to provide opportunities for our clients to expand their creativity, expand their network or resources, and engage closer within the community in which they live. Creating a mural or community art installation for a client to see years later can provide a sense of meaning and purpose and a stamp on their community.

Individual Art Therapy Services provide clients an opportunity to meet weekly with a licensed art therapist. Clients can meet their art therapist in the community, at home, or in one of the various art therapy studios at the agency. Individual art therapy provides the client a safe space to work through symptom management, navigate various struggles that come up during the week, as well as work on long term interpersonal goals.