Peer Services

Thresholds’ Peer Support program is operated by consumers – those who have a lived experience of mental illness and have utilized services themselves. Staff who are in mental health recovery provide services and outreach to other consumers, helping to build strong social ties. Oftentimes, clients are more comfortable receiving services from someone who has first-hand knowledge of the struggles they are currently experiencing.

Staff working through the Peer Support program provide community support services focused on illness self-management, skill building identification, and use of natural supports and community resources. These Certified Recovery Support Specialists (CRSS) operate two drop-in centers that offer a range of daily activities as well as a Living Room crisis respite program operating 7 days a week as a alternative to psychiatric hospitalization.

Thresholds has the most employees with a CRSS credential in Illinois. Close to 25% of all CRSS-credentialed employees in Illinois work at Thresholds. Thresholds also has an All-Agency Members Council comprising elected client representatives from all Thresholds programs who have input in the design and implementation of services. The Council meets regularly and makes recommendations for improvements to services to better meet clients’ needs.