Thresholds’ Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) is a new program in Chicago that provides access to emergency mental health intervention to people experiencing a mental health crisis. Thresholds clinicians response to the mental health crisis, acting as an alternative to hospitalization or police response.

Who: All persons located in Chicago zip codes 60613, 60640, and 60657 are eligible

How: Call 773-572-5464

When: We are available 24/7, all year round.

Not located in these zip codes? Please see our Living Room program for another alternative mental health crisis response model.

How it Works

Upon receiving a call from a person experiencing a mental health crisis in Chicago, Thresholds clinicians will work with callers to assess their situation via telephone and determine the appropriate response. This may include dispatching a Crisis Team to the caller’s location to assist. Crisis Teams are made up of two Thresholds staff, one of whom is a peer support specialist with lived experience of a mental health condition.

MCRT team members help guide individuals through their crisis in a community setting, as well as assisting them in navigating the healthcare system to best connect with mental health services and resources.

Like a physical health crisis, a mental health crisis can be devastating for individuals, families, and communities. Thresholds is committed to services and supports to best meet the needs of individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Too often people experiencing a mental health crisis are met with delay, detainment and even denial of service in a manner that creates undue burden on the person, families, law enforcement, emergency departments and justice systems.