Homeless Youth & Families

Parents who are experiencing homelessness along with serious mental health conditions are under extreme stress. The difficulty in meeting the needs of children while attending to one’s own mental health needs is exponentially greater when the family’s housing is insecure or non-existent. And, children’s mental health and wellbeing is strongly linked to parental stress level; therefore, children who are homeless and who have parents with SMHCs are at higher risk for their own social-emotional health concerns, as well as academic and physical health challenges. The same is true for children of teen mothers in general. Thresholds Mothers Project includes two components addressing the needs of these families: Building Flourishing Families (BFF) component for homeless pregnant and parenting youth, 16 – 23-year-olds with mental health challenges, and the PATH program for homeless families headed by a parent of any age with a serious mental health condition.


PATH Homeless Families Program

PATH Homeless Families Program is a community-based case management program for adult parenting women and men with mental health challenges who are experiencing homelessness.


  • Mental Health – Support parents in addressing their mental health needs, including access to a psychiatrist
  • Housing – Offer referrals for affordable and supported housing, and short-term supports and transition services to parents who have moved into housing
  • Financial Benefits – Help parents increase income through employment and/or applying for benefit programs
  • Child Care – Link participating parents to on-site childcare or other care providers in the community
  • Holistic Health – Provide all-around case management, focusing on the family’s barriers to health and stability


To participate in Thresholds’ PATH Homeless Families Program, you must be a parent or legal guardian, a person experiencing homelessness or imminent homelessness, and have a diagnosed mental illness.

To receive more information or refer someone to these services, please contact Kathy Dougherty at 773.537.3890 or

Building Flourishing Families

The Building Flourishing Families (BFF) component serves pregnant and parenting young women with mental health conditions who are experiencing homelessness. BFF provides mental health outreach to pregnant and parenting young women who are living in family or youth shelters, other transitional living programs, drop-in centers, or elsewhere. Young women ages 16 – 23, and their children, are also able to enroll in our Mothers Project TLP, where they can reside in transitional living residences for up to two years, and to receive comprehensive mental health and parenting services, education and employment assistance, and support in building life skills.