Thresholds High School

Thresholds High School is an Illinois State Board of Education certified Therapeutic Day School for students with serious mental illnesses. The Thresholds High School provides a distinct combination of flexibility and support to help students achieve both their high school diploma and their transition goals.

Because students come from a multitude of suburban and Chicago home districts, Thresholds High School works closely with these school districts to ensure that students are successful in meeting their personal and Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals, increasing academic achievement, graduating, and preparing for their next steps. Students take advantage of the robust Thresholds vocational services, which provide evidence-based supported employment and supported education for post-secondary endeavors. Students also benefit from Thresholds’ Youth & Young Adult Services’ rich therapeutic supports that address anxiety, frustration, school refusal, and other issues that derailed their academic success elsewhere.

Thresholds High School uses innovative online curricula such as PEAK to assess areas of educational strengths and challenges to meet the specific academic needs of each individual student. Through a combination of classroom teaching, one-on-one assistance, computer-based work, and community activities, the Thresholds High School individualizes the educational experience to best fit the needs of students’ complex learning styles. Our specialized transition track helps students who are completing credits also succeed with their IEP transition goals to prepare for the steps beyond graduation.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Principal Tom Moore at 773.572.3029.

Thresholds is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for staff and students. You can find our Thresholds School Anti-Bullying policy here.

Beginning late summer 2024, the Thresholds High School will undergo renovations. This project will include updates to HVAC, lighting, flooring, and painting, as well as remodeling of restrooms and other building modifications.

We are seeking contractors for this project through an open bidding process. Find detailed information and bid form here. Find answers to common questions about this process with this Q&A sheet.

Send completed forms to Thresholds at Bidding will close on August 6, 2024.