Mark Ishaug: Reimagining Public Safety and Mental Health Crises

In a recent column in the Chicago Tribune, Clarence Page wrote about the tragic death of Daniel Prude and questions whether society asks too much of police. He is right to ask this question. At Thresholds, one of Illinois’ largest mental health and substance use treatment providers, we understand that tragedy can unfold when society […]

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2020 Thresholds Virtual Art Walk

Join us September 14th-20th for Thresholds’ first-ever virtual art walk! You will be able to appreciate (and purchase!) artwork from over thirty Thresholds clients with all sales going directly to the artist. We’ll also have special activities, and more opportunities where you can learn about Thresholds’ art therapy programs.

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Supporting Employment for our Members

Research shows that meaningful work can reduce symptoms of mental illness, decrease hospitalizations, and increase self-esteem for people with mental health conditions. The staff with Thresholds’ Employment Services Program work hard to help our clients achieve steady work in mainstream, competitive jobs – even amidst a global pandemic and economic upheaval. Jacob Payton, an Employment […]

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Unequal: Black Access to Mental Health & Substance Use Services

“As a Black woman growing up in the projects of Chicago, life always felt like an uphill battle because of the barriers of systemic racism, police misconduct and violence in my community. While I was able to seize every opportunity for a better life, we must change the systems that have embedded inequality for Black […]

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Thresholds Statement on Racial Injustice

  In our work at Thresholds, every day, we are deeply committed to listening – to hearing our clients as they express anger, sadness, injustice, deep oppression and pain and alienation and fear. We know this is a critical component of beginning the process of recovery. We are listening and hearing the deep pain of […]

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