Donor Spotlight: Polk Bros. Foundation

Donor Spotlight: Polk Bros. Foundation

Due to the generous support of our institutional donors, Thresholds is able to provide the gold-standard for community health services. To honor their invaluable contributions, we’ve created “Donor Spotlight”, a monthly blog series that shares the story behind these incredible organizations and celebrates the profound impact they have on their community.

This month, we would like to shine a spotlight on our longtime donors, Polk Bros. Foundation!


Polk Bros. Foundation exists today due to the success of the Polk Bros. chain of retail furniture and appliance stores, a Chicago institution for more than 55 years. Polk Bros. Foundation works to improve the quality of life for Chicago families and to make Chicago a place where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential. It partners with local nonprofit organizations that work to reduce the impact of poverty and provide area residents with better access to quality education, preventive health care and basic human services.

Polk Bros. Foundation has been one of Thresholds’ most influential donors for more than 25 years. The Foundation has made significant investments in Grais Apartments, a Thresholds staffed residence that offers innovative treatment and recovery services for people who are homeless with co-occurring severe mental illness and substance abuse conditions. Few – if any – donors have invested more in a single Thresholds program than Polk Bros. Foundation. Without a doubt, those investments have profoundly impacted the lives of hundreds of Grais members – in the form of achieved recovery goals, housing retention, and the pursuit of a life that many Grais members once deemed impossible. Thresholds truly appreciates the Foundation’s commitment to and support for our members on the path to recovery.

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