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Mental Illness Awareness Week: Jerry’s Story

For Mental Illness Awareness Week, we are highlighting members of Thresholds’ Peer Success program. In this program, staff who are in mental health recovery provide services and outreach to Thresholds members. Their first-hand experience with the same struggles our members are going through helps them build stronger social bonds and offer more effective service to […]

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Mental Illness Awareness Week: Christine’s Story

Christine has been with Thresholds’s Peer Success program for the last 7 years. She values hard work, acceptance of others, unconditional kindness and the ability to be who she truly is without judgment. Growing up, Christine struggled to find acceptance for who she truly is from friends and family and others she encountered on a […]

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Mental Illness Awareness Week: Ronald’s Story

“The people that visit Thresholds, they all have a story. We all interact and we support each other. And I think that’s the most important thing that is.” Ronald has spent much of his life caring for others, moving from job to job in order to support his family and keep a roof over his […]

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Mental Illness Awareness Week: Andre’s Story

When asked where he was before Thresholds, Andre gives an honest and insightful response. “Where was I? I was drinking every day. I was using street drugs. I was hearing voices. I was living basically from door to door. I had no source of income. I couldn’t find a job.” Andre’s “day to day survival” […]

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