Donor Spotlight: The Chicago Community Trust

The Chicago Community Trust partners with donors to support nonprofit organizations in bringing transformative impact to communities across Cook County. For over 100 years, the Trust has partnered with businesses, local governments, and organizations to promote causes that target structural inequalities, and drive equity and opportunity in the Chicago area.

Over the years, The Chicago Community Trust’s giving to Thresholds has ranged from general operations, to funding specific efforts such as arrest deflection, supported employment, and dental care. This year, the Trust donated to the Thresholds Westside Narcotics Diversion and Treatment Initiative through a $20,000 Unity Fund grant. This program works with the Chicago Police Department to divert nonviolent drug offenders from incarceration by providing them immediate care. Along with the McCormick Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust has made it possible for Thresholds to provide life-saving medication assisted treatment, psychiatry, treatment planning, and discharge assessments for clients.
We are excited to highlight The Chicago Community Trust in this month’s Donor Spotlight! For over 30 years, the Trust has generously and consistently given to Thresholds, enabling the agency to continue supporting those living with serious mental illnesses. We are grateful for the Trust’s belief in our work and in those we support.

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