Statement on Breonna Taylor Decision

We all have been closely following the case of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was killed in her own home by Louisville police officers. Today, we heard the news that one former police officer has been charged with three counts of wanton endangerment, and the additional police officers were not charged. This denial of full justice for Breonna is tragic and deeply hurtful to Black communities who have suffered so many losses at the hands of police.

Breonna Taylor’s death was unjust and a tragedy, and it was part of system of violence in our country that results in the needless loss of Black lives at the hands of police. It is a part of a system that has left deep wounds and trauma that many of our staff, clients, and greater community struggle with every day.

I know that many in our community are hurting and angry right now. I am hurting and angry right now. Justice is needed and action is needed.

With the help of our Activate Thresholds committee, a team of colleagues working on strategies for engagement and action for our staff and community, Thresholds is working hard for more justice and more equity. We are fighting for changes that will lead to equity for Black communities, including investment in early treatment and services, police accountability and reform, innovative youth programs, ending criminalization of mental illness and substance use that lead to overincarceration of Black individuals, and investment in affordable housing and employment opportunities. This work is central to Thresholds’ mission.

I believe that together, we can reimagine our systems and society to create real justice and real equality for Black people and other communities of colors. I am hurting and angry but I am not giving up in this fight. Thank you for joining Thresholds in the fight for racial justice – the work you do every day is another step forward in building a more just country.

Mark Ishaug, CEO

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