Thresholds Launches Mobile Crisis Response Unit

Today, Thresholds Mobile Crisis Response Unit (MCRT) is officially in operation. This new program provides access to emergency mental health intervention by Thresholds clinicians, acting as an alternative to hospitalization or police response.

Program Director, Manuel Meza explains more about MCRT.

What is the Mobile Crisis Response Team?

The Mobile Crisis Response Team is a new program that provides mental health crisis interventions, such as mental health evaluations and brief therapeutic interventions, to individuals within their own communities. Our goal is to help people work through a mental health crisis in their community setting in order to reduce emergency police response and hospital visits.

First, the team will conduct phone assessments and determine the appropriate level of crisis intervention. If a caller needs or requests further assistance, we will dispatch a Crisis Team to the caller’s location. The team responding to the crisis will consist of two Thresholds staff, with one of the staff being a peer support with lived experience.

What will this do for the community?

The MCRT will provide equitable access to mental health services to members of the community. Our hope is to contribute to the ongoing goal of reducing stigma around mental illnesses and mental health services. By responding to crises in the community, we can continue to broaden our reach and provide critical services to individuals who may not be able to get transportation to a mental health clinic or ER, may not be able to afford the extra cost of mental health treatment, may feel ashamed or embarrassed about going to a hospital or clinic for services, or may be overwhelmed and does not even know where to start to get mental health care. We hope that by having these services available and our presence known in the community, the MCRT will help foster a more supportive community, where residents look out for each other and help each other.

How is this program different from other emergency services?

The way in which the MCRT is unique is that we will bring the emergency mental health services to the individual, in their community. This can be someone’s home, place of employment, or any other location in the community where they are experiencing the mental health crisis. By doing this, we hope to also redirect mental health calls that may have traditionally been responded to by law enforcement to our team of qualified mental health professionals and peer supports. These services are free of charge and do not require any prior involvement with Thresholds.

How does someone access this service if they need it?

The Mobile Crisis Response Team is available for residents living in zip codes 60613, 60640, and 60657, and can be accessed by calling our crisis hotline at (773) 572-5464. Our operation will be Monday – Friday from 9AM – 3PM. The goal is to eventually provide 24/7/365 mobile crisis response.

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